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Privacy Policy

PayeRoll is committed to your privacy. For your privacy and data protection we have developed certain principles.

PayeRoll collects personal information about its users during registration, use of our site services, from order forms for our publications/newsletters, and through our cookie technology as you use and navigate our sites.

If you choose not to provide personal information, you can still use most of our site(s). However, you will not be able to access areas that require registration.

Aggregated data is collected and used to provide feedback on service utilisation, demographics and site statistics.

Personal information, such as your name and address and password, is used to service your account and to inform you about updates to our products and services. You may choose to disable any email marketing services, such as newsletters, from within your registration information.


PayeRoll uses cookies. Cookies are nothing more than simple text files. They are non executable programs and consequently it is impossible for a cookie to contain a virus or any other application.

The PayeRoll cookies placed on your computer contain your unique reference number that is allocated in the registration process and a randomly generated session ID created when you login. There is no information in the cookies that can identify you and the cookie is only valid when you access the PayeRoll site. The cookies do not enable automatic login.


Your financial information is protected on our secure servers. Secure servers encrypt all information sent between your Internet browser and our server.

PayeRoll secures your personal information and its intended use from loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. We will not disclose your information to third parties except where required to do so by law. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security or for any actions of third parties. Where there are links to third party sites PayeRoll are not responsible for their privacy policies or practices.

Should you become aware of a breach in security please notify us by email at, and we will quickly address the problem.

Should you wish to change your information you may do so at anytime by contacting PayeRoll Customer Care by email at

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